斜视:原因,症状 & 治疗

Strabismus is a common condition that causes the eyes to look in different directions when focusing. 它通常出现在儿童早期,但也可能发生在以后的生活中. 如果没有及早发现和治疗, it can have a detrimental and permanent effect on vision - potentially leading to blindness.

Learn about how 真人百家游戏平台 is treating cases of strabismus globally and how it can change lives.


眼睛的运动是由附着在每只眼睛上的六块肌肉控制的. 这些肌肉使眼睛可以向各个方向移动. 两只眼睛都应该移动在一起,这样即使真人百家游戏平台有两只眼睛, 真人百家游戏平台一次只看一件事.

如果其中一块肌肉无力, the eye cannot move properly and the two eyes cannot move together - resulting in strabismus or crossed eyes. The condition can occur in one eye or both eyes and often occurs before the age of three years.

它可以一直存在,或者只是偶尔存在,尤其是当孩子累了的时候. 它也可能是其他眼部问题的症状,比如 早产儿视网膜病变 or 先天性白内障.

If not treated in time, the weaker eye will not develop good vision and become a ‘lazy eye’. 这就是弱视. 随着时间的推移, the brain will learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye which can lead to legal blindness.

A child with strabismus is examined by an <a href='http://invention.primextrading.com'>真人百家游戏平台</a> 志愿者教师 surgeon in Ethiopia

A child with strabismus is examined by an 真人百家游戏平台 志愿者教师 surgeon in Ethiopia


Children with crossed eyes often develop poor self-image and may have emotional problems. Our research has shown that children with uncorrected strabismus are more likely to have depression and anxiety due to social and educational disruptions.

下面, hear Maiyan’s story and how 真人百家游戏平台 and our 合作伙伴 saved her sight and the threat of bullying at school.



Most often, the causes of strabismus are idiopathic meaning there is no known cause.

然而, 斗鸡眼还会伴随其他屈光不正, where there are difficulties with the focusing power of the eye as well as 条件 such as 白内障, 早产儿视网膜病变 视神经状况.


  • 家族病史
  • 早产
  • 出生体重低
  • 脑瘫
  • 唐氏综合症
  • 布朗的综合症
  • 杜安的收缩综合症
  • 眼睛受伤



  • 向内(内斜视-斜视)
  • 向外(外斜视-斜视)
  • 向上(上斜眼)
  • 下行(下斜视)
  • 在明亮的阳光下眯起或闭上一只眼睛
  • 双/视力模糊
  • 倾斜的:倾斜或转动头部看物体
  • 由于视力不佳而撞到物体
A young girl is examined for strabismus during a screening day during a 飞行眼科医院 Project in Vietnam



斜视的治疗应尽快开始. 诊断和治疗的年龄越小, 纠正斜视的机会就越大.

Follow-up examinations once treatment begins are vital to ensure the eyes stay aligned. 一旦诊断出斜视的类型, 可以采取以下步骤来帮助提高视力水平.


在非常轻微的斜视病例中, occlusion therapy (patching of the good eye) may help build up the pathway between the lazy eye and the brain - giving the weaker eye a chance to catch up. 这种贴片可以一天戴几个小时,也可以戴一整天.

Atropine eye drops which blur vision in the good eye work in the same way to strengthen vision in the lazy eye.




视觉疗法 (eye exercises) can also be used to treat certain kinds of strabismus.


如果其他治疗都不成功, a simple surgery to correct strabismus involves repositioning the eye muscles to realign the eyes and restore normal vision. The surgery requires general anesthesia and stitches are used to attach the muscles in their new positions.

An 真人百家游戏平台 patient is pictured with her eye turning inward ahead of surgery to correct strabismus

Before: an 真人百家游戏平台 patient is pictured with her eye turning inward ahead of surgery to correct strabismus

After: The 真人百家游戏平台 patient is pictured with straight eyes following strabismus surgery

After: the 真人百家游戏平台 patient is pictured with straighter eyes following strabismus surgery


在世界各地的许多偏远社区, infants and children remain visually impaired or blind from strabismus due to a lack of access to quality eye care services.

再加上这个, government insurance in some places does not cover highly-effective medical and surgical treatments for strabismus, 错误地将其归类为美容疾病.

<a href='http://invention.primextrading.com'>真人百家游戏平台</a>志愿者和合作伙伴正在为一名患有斜视的儿童进行手术 in Hue, Vietnam


这就是真人百家游戏平台介入的地方. A large focus of our work has been treating cases of childhood blindness and our programs around the world have not only treated thousands of children, but have also successfully changed government policies to improve insurance outcomes so infants and children with crossed eyes can get the eye care they deserve.

通过真人百家游戏平台惊人的合作伙伴网络, 支持者, 工作人员和世界领先的志愿者, we empower local communities with the skills and resources necessary to fight blindness caused by squint on their own.

下面, read stories about some of the children we've been able to help thanks to the incredible support of our wonderful 合作伙伴 and donors.

At 真人百家游戏平台, we're implementing a comprehensive approach to fighting blindness caused by the condition:

培训: 真人百家游戏平台培训当地的合作伙伴 飞行眼科医院在当地医院和via Cybersight. This way we can strengthen skills and knowledge for local eye teams over all over the world for generations to come.

技术: 真人百家游戏平台正在开设电子学习课程 Cybersight which improve knowledge and education as well as offering training and support to eye teams around the world using 互联网和移动技术的最新进展.


With your continued support, we can keep on improving outcomes for children with strabismus

加强: 通过与 合作伙伴 across the health service to establish and strengthen existing care we help provide long-term, 为世界各地的社区提供可持续的眼科护理. 从农村到繁华的城市, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge to help restore vision for generations to come.

社区: We want to make sure everyone has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. 这就是真人百家游戏平台在社区层面开展工作的原因, 培训和教育家长, 老师和学生讨论斜视的症状和体征.


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